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Jingle Bells (Pierpont)

Jingle Bells (Pierpont)

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Jingle Bells with a major bad attitude! This serious work contrasts the lightness of the original with influences from Berlioz.

I consider the original Jingle Bells to be one of the lightest of all Christmas melodies and so thought it might be an interesting challenge to turn light into dark. For this transformation, I threw in the famous Berlioz theme, which is so very dark. It also occurred to me that if I slowed the main melody way down, it would virtually disappear. My colleagues like to equate this arrangement with "Godzilla meets Bambi". Nonetheless, I think I have managed to keep the main elements of Jingle Bells running throughout. Watch for many tempo and dynamic changes. To be played with strength and resolve (no apologies).

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Arranged by John Reed