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Sympathy For The Devil (The Rolling Stones)

Sympathy For The Devil (The Rolling Stones)

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The title track of HSQ's 5th CD has it all - from cello solos to virtuosic violin riffs. A regular staple in HSQ shows.

Such a strong Stones tune had to be handled with drama. Giving the cello a nice solo at the start instead of the more typical base line sets up the audience for a strong bass entry in measure 34 adding to a very long build-up which starts with the rhythmic motif at the beginning combined with the upper register writing. The sudden meter changes in the middle of the arrangement are unexpected but somehow flow nicely out of the preceding material. The big violin solo is an improvisational section which if you like, may be followed by second violin, viola, and cello solos of similar length (you’ll have to write them yourself) for that - stand up and show off , big-band style. Watch for rhythmic accuracy, especially in the beginning between 2nd violin and cello.

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Arranged by John Reed