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Moby Dick/Bonzo's Montreux (Led Zeppelin)

Moby Dick/Bonzo's Montreux (Led Zeppelin)

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Jimmy Page asked to hear this when it was done - I suspect he didn't think it possible to turn drums into strings. You judge.

Since the drums seemed to be emulating tones, I reversed the process and had the strings emulate drums. I noted pitches in the original drums and I tried to capture those. Where I thought that they would either not work or be too much, I simplified. I had to thin the parts down and even out some rhythms. The last section of percussion I created by taking some of the original and assigning arbitrary pitches to the different traps (tom-tom, snare, bass, cymbals, etc.). I transposed that set until I hit upon a working set, thinned it down and transposed the whole section to fit into the main. Don’t just play tones - create effects - this is modern music.

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Arranged by John Reed