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MusicJOT Questions?


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Q: MusicJOT is either not recognizing, or misinterpreting what I've written.

A: Try zooming in on the score before starting in handwriting mode and write as neatly as possible.

Q: I don't see a way to do part extraction.

A: Part extraction is coming soon.


Q: Is there a way to delete a note with my handwriting by just crossing stuff out?

A: Yes. Scribble out a note to delete. You can also draw a big circle around note/events (circle must extend both above and below the staff), then tap on delete in the context sensitive menu at the bottom. If you are using the Adonit Pixel Stylus, you can use the top button (configurable in the Actions menu:Script:Configure Adonit Stylus.

Q: Moving the Virtual Pointer over a note is slow in initially sounding the note.

A: On slower iPad models this is a known issue. Turning off 'Edits Sound' in the left slide out drawer will speed things up considerably.

Q: I can't slide out the layers and options drawer.

A: You may be placing your finger too far off the bevel or dragging to the right too slowly. You can also just use the right facing arrow.

Q: Deleting or adding measures with a complicated set of repeats is not updating the repeat map.

A: After measure deletions and additions, reselect each 'jumper' type of repeat and reset its target.

Future Plans

  • Tablature.

  • Import options and more export options.

  • Percussion notation.

  • Measure-attached text.