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Update History and System Requirements


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iPad® System Requirements


Apple iOS 10.3 or higher.
1st and 2nd generation Apple Pencil® (highly recommended), Adonit Pixel® (active stylus), or any passive stylus.

Update History

Version 1.3.8
(Build 40)
June 26, 2019


Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the top of some scores might get cut off in the transformation editor’s preview area.

  • Fixed an issue where short left to right strokes failed to recognize.

  • Fixed an issue where grace notes following a 16th note or quicker were not behaving properly.

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t change an interior note in a tuplet to a grace note.

  • Fixed an issue where rests in a beam group were sometimes drawing with a half beam. This issue was inadvertently introduced in v1.3.7.

  • Improved spacing of dotted notes.

  • Whole measure rests are now centered in the measure.

  • Certain expressions such as dynamics and tremolos can now only appear on a note once. Adding a different different dynamic (for example) simply changes the existing one.

  • Improved vertical centering of grace notes on line or space. 

Features Added

  • Dragging on a bar line in the measure number bar will expand that measure stack by adding space in between every note. This is very useful when trying to insert new notes in between notes that are very close together.

  • Now restoring last zoom and staff positions when opening saved documents.

  • Transposing notes from the Action menu now also transposes chord symbols and fretboards.

  • New “Live Change” button in Static Palette allows direct duration change of tapped note(s) to current palette duration and note/rest.

  • Added a user option to designate an Auto Save interval.

  • Added tremolos (in expressions) with playback.

  • Revamped the expressions/dynamics/shapes palette into a single palette. Now always in “Live Mode” so palette can stay open while inserting new expressions.

  • Added ability to place a tuplet number without a bracket beam side (in addition to number + bracket note side). Added context sensitive “Flip Tuplet” toggle.

  • Tuplet panel now defaults to most common triplet based on selected note’s duration.

Known Issues

  • Undo after a multi-staff copy/paste is still problematic. Best is to save your score before attempting any large undos. 

  • Collisions between voices may occur and will be addressed in the next release.

Version 1.3.7
(Build 38)
April 30, 2019

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the float rest user preference was stepping by half spaces even though it was labeled whole spaces. The problem is that half and whole rests could sit both on and hang off of lines when in the presence of another voice which was wrong.

  • Chord symbols and/or fretboards now sound even if present on tied-to notes.

  • Fixed an issue when trying to insert a note, sometimes was hitting a ‘dead’ spot where the insertion wasn’t working.

  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to insert a new note in between two tied notes and the tie would remain.

  • Tapping on fretboards now trigger the context sensitive menu for repositioning and deletion.

  • Fixed an issue when a region started with any empty measures, a transformation (from the transformation editor) inversion would produce nonsense results.

Features Added

  • Better beaming in general.

  • Added ability to drag rests vertically to avoid collisions when in the presence of another voice.

  • Added a user context sensitive menu option to break/join beaming on any beam-able note.

  • Added a user context sensitive menu option to re-beam whole measure(s) to default beaming.

  • Added a user sub-division field in the meters panel along with a reset to default, allowing custom beaming groups.

  • Added global reset all subdivisions to action menu.

  • Added global reset all break/join beaming to action menu.

  • Can now include rests in beams via user option to break/join beam.

  • Added a new pitch dragging mode: “Direction” which moves chromatically up by sharps and down by flats.

  • Added various alerts to actions (from the Action menu) that perform global functions, providing an opportunity to cancel.

  • In addition to the default “Cycling” notes/rests/tools palette (with only one of the three visible at a time), a “Static” palette has been added (Options: “Notes/Rests Palette”) which shows all notes, rests, and tools at the same time.

  • Added a fretboard baseline offset preference in Advanced Settings.

  • Added a chord count to information statistics.

Known Issues

  • Undo after a multi-staff copy/paste is still problematic. Best is to save your score before attempting any large undos. 

  • Collisions between voices may occur and will be addressed in the next release.

Version 1.3.6
(Build 37)
March 18, 2019

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue in copy/paste that resulted in missing ties, slurs and other shapes. This happened when trying to paste from two or more staffs.

Known Issues

  • Undo after a multi-staff copy/paste is still problematic. Best is to save your score before attempting any large undos.

Version 1.3.5
(Build 36)
March 15, 2019

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where undo was not working properly after selecting move to other voice from the context sensitive menu.

  • Actions menu dropdown now sizes to maximum size all the time.

  • Fixed an issue where not all scores were getting a delete ‘x’ (delete button) in the score manager after tapping on ‘Edit’.

  • Fixed an issue where saving a document was not saving the current zoom level.

  • Score now considers highest marking to properly adjust first system downward instead of just highest note.

  • Fixed an issue where double tapping to open a panel when Options: Select deselects others was ON was not deselecting others.

  • Fixed an issue when inserting new notes with the palette, the “tock” sound was repeating too much.

  • Fixes an issue where upon first opening a document and trying to change a pitch with a tool, app could unexpectedly quit.

  • Fixed an issue where after selecting a whole measure, then Action Menu: Move To Staff, MusicJOT unexpectedly quit.

  • Fixed an issue in the transformation editor when after duplicating a region, the region couldn’t be edited without an unexpected quit. 

  • Fixed an issue where tapping on a chord symbol to sound, then again on the same symbol was not re-sounding.

  • Various other bugs and improvements.

Features Added

  • Added support for fretboards.

  • Sped up drawing in large documents.

  • Added preference for changing chord text font size and fretboard size.

  • Added ability to change the distance between systems in page view by dragging staff name.

  • Added dotted and solid line shapes in the shapes palette.

  • Added numerals 6-9 and Roman VI-XII in the expressions palette.

  • Added Guitar right hand markings in expressions (i, m, a, p, c).

  • Added ability to toggle note head to harmonic (diamond) and back.

  • Updated help across various topics.

Version 1.3.4
(Build 34)
December 7, 2018

Features Added

  • Added new sound libraries as In-App Purchases. After tapping on an instrument in the play window, the instruments chooser now has a dropdown revealing additional libraries purchased.

  • Staff Manager now shows the sound library in addition to the instrument for each staff.

  • Added additional user defined Apple Pencil Double Tap actions. This has both an new actions menu section and an on-screen (lower right) popup menu (must have 3rd generation iPad Pro and 2nd generation Apple Pencil).

Version 1.3.3
(Build 33)
November 28, 2018

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances the Welcome Screen could reappear despite a previous session selecting “Skip.”

  • Fixed an issue where tapping to insert new notes was sounding the note twice.

  • Fixed an issue where shapes (slurs, hairpins, etc.) that continued on a subsequent system were not drawing correctly.

  • Deleting a key or meter from the context sensitive menu at the bottom now changes forward until a different key or meter respectively is encountered.

  • Fixed a memory leak.

  • Fixed an issue where if rests were included with notes in a selection and dragged for pitch, the rests would sound a pitch.

  • “Actions: Delete Selected Staff” now has a Cancel button.

  • Fixed an issue where invoking retrograde in the Transformation Editor in some cases was unexpectedly quitting or producing an undefined result.

  • Various other fixes.

  • Transformation Editor playback now respects chord and expression playback.

Features Added

  • Added support for the new Apple Pencil and 3rd generation iPad Pro.

  • New Apple Pencil now uses double tap to switch between palette and handwriting.

  • Expressions that affect playback (dynamics, ties, 8vas, etc.) now have a small indicator on their respective icon in their respective palettes.

  • Trills now playback.

  • Added a trills playback preferences section in “Actions: Advanced Options.”

  • Added playback for staccatos and accents over notes.

  • Abbreviated staff names are now shown in page view for systems subsequent to the first system.

  • AirDrop to MusicJOT now possible (previously you could only AirDrop from MusicJOT).

  • Instrument chooser now allows auditioning of sounds.

Version 1.3.2
(Build 31)
September 26, 2018

Bugs Fixed

  • Playhead position when moving into and out of full audio mode has been improved.

  • Fixed an issue where play/pause/play was not resuming where the play head left off.

  • Changing the virtual pointer size live via preferences was not updating itself.

  • Fixed an issue where glissandi between systems of more than one staff when split between systems was drawing incorrectly.

  • Fixed an issue where tapping quickly on a context sensitive menu item was not always giving user feedback.

  • Fixed an issue when changing color themes a duplicate set of right side buttons was being created. 

  • Fixed an issue where “Tutorials” was not reaching our servers and came up with a 404 - not found.

  • Fixed an issue where inside staff marks (such as tenuto, staccato) were not avoiding collisions with other marks if the note was on a line and outside of the staff.

Features Added

  • Minimum zoom level for full audio mode is now the same as in normal score view. If left side controls get too crowded, they are minimized.

  • Added AirDrop to the Share menu.

  • Welcome screen now has a “New Features” section which shows automatically with each new updated version.

  • Added new animated gifs to Welcome screen highlighting new features.

  • Added a new menu item: Move events between staffs which can move text, tempo markings, chords and expressions en masse between staffs.

Version 1.3.1
(Build 30, svn 5453)
June 25, 2018

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where exporting MIDI was not working.

  • Fixed an issue where selecting the last region’s end measure in the Transformation Editor was unexpectedly quitting.

  • Fixed an issue when inserting a new note then dragging left or right might place the new note in the wrong slot.

  • Fixed an issue where the initial sounding note when inserting a new note with the palette method was sometimes one step either higher or lower than what was indicated by the selection rectangle.

  • Fixed an issue where deleting the last staff was not cleaning up indicated clef and key in sidebar.

  • Fixed an issue when adding shapes (slurs, crescendos, etc.) where the start occurred later than the end was causing an unexpected quit when then switching to page view.

  • Fixed an issue where the playhead could disappear.

  • Numerous other bug fixes.

Features Added

  • Pitch dragging rectangle has been enhanced to show currently selected note, cancel area, and note/rest toggle.

  • Chord panel added for creating lead sheets, etc. with chord playback.

  • Chord editor added for adding user defined chords to augment factory defaults.

  • Redistributed options from left slide-out drawer into the Options dropdown menu.

  • Reorganized Options dropdown menu.

  • Added new options.

  • Added chord play, chord octave and range reset to audio dropdown settings menu.

  • Reorganized playback settings dropdown menu.

  • Reorganized help table of contents in reference manual.

Known Issues

  • Larger documents may slow down. This will be fixed in the next update.

  • Measure bar might disappear temporarily when audio window is first active. Workaround: zoom or scroll will bring it back.

Version 1.3
(Build 29, svn 5283)
April 27, 2018

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the previous/next measure navigation buttons were exhibiting jitter.

  • Fixed an issue where some of the controls in the options drop down menu were not resizing properly.

  • Scrubbing with the virtual pointer now properly re-articulating notes just scrubbed.

  • Fixed an issue where adding a shape, then dragging an endpoint, then undoing was causing an unexpected quit.

  • Fixed an issue where adding or deleting a staff from the action menu might cause an unexpected quit.

  • Fixed an issue when dragging the pitch indicator up/down to insert a new note would be jumpy if dragged quickly.

  • Fixed an issue where handwriting a new meter in a measure with an existing meter was setting the meter to “0/0.”

  • Fixed some issues with very high/low notes getting cut off from view.

  • Dragging notes for pitch is now much more fluid with no above or below staff restrictions.

  • Changing colors (themes) now changes all items immediately.

  • Fixed issues where some windows were repositioning themselves improperly when the device was rotated.

  • Fixed an issue where the Virtual Pointer was not updating it’s initial and final position after finger off and glide.

  • Fixed an issue where trying to paste a measure with text/tempo markings attached to a multi-note chord was causing an unexpected quit.

  • Fixed an issue where some legacy documents had their voice 1 / 2 stems frozen in the wrong direction. Those documents are now repaired on load.

  • Fixed an issue where shapes were getting corrupted when sending notes to the opposite voice.

  • Fixed an issue where the audio loop text fields in drop down were not allowing easy editing and clearing.

  • Many other improvements.

  • Fixed an issue where composer and opus in page view weren't being repositioned when rotating device.

  • Fixed an issue where a long staff name or abbreviation would unexpectedly quit.

Features Added

  • Added a new Transformation Editor module.

  • Creating and managing regions used in the Transformation Editor is now fully supported.

  • Added new prefs: next/previous measure button speed.

  • Added new prefs: duration drag sensitivity.

  • Added new prefs: pitch cancel distance.

  • Drag overlay now matches cancel distance.

  • Tuplet brackets can now be dragged up/down.

  • Added additional help items.

  • If sound is on in Options, dragging to insert new notes now sounds pitch.

  • Added a live search box to the reference manual.

  • Removed four ledger line above/below restrictions.

  • Initial sounding of notes with the Virtual Pointer has been sped up somewhat.

  • Added subtitle in page view.

Known Issues

  • Exporting via MIDI either as an attachment or directly is currently not working.

Version 1.2.5
(Build 28, svn 4873)
November 30, 2017

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where there was too little text room for abbreviations in the Staff Manager.

  • Fixed a bug where invoking the repeats panel from the last measure and then switching to another tab was crashing.

  • Fixed an issue where adding a lyric to a note that already had text was crashing.

  • Improved zooming and scrolling performance, especially with large documents.

  • Fixed an unexpected quit with large documents on older iPads®.

  • Fixed an issue when popping up panels. Sometime they were either partially or totally offscreen.

  • Fixed an issue where selecting at the very bottom of the screen was inhibited by the presence of the context sensitive menu whether visible or not.

  • Fixed an issue where saving the document (either automatically or manually) might clobber memory and crash.

  • Fixed a serious issue where some users could not load a previous score without crashing.

  • Fixed an issue where some older documents that used multiple voices were flipping stems in the wrong direction.

Features Added

  • Added visible drag handles to shapes such as slurs, hairpins, regions, etc.

  • Added a Virtual Pointer style user pref.

  • Added a Reset Defaults in the Options drop down.

  • Added meter shortcuts to context sensitive menu.

  • Updated help files.

Version 1.2.4
(Build 27, svn 4747)
October 16, 2017

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where a selected tool of any rest was inserting a note instead.

  • Fixed handwriting for drawing ties on non-bottom notes in chords.

  • Fixed memory increasing bug that could cause crashes after scrolling around.

  • Fixed an issue where changing the abbreviated name in the staff panel could crash.

  • Fixed handwriting where existing measures have multiple character meters such as 11/16.

Features Added

  • Removed crosshairs from Virtual Pointer and replaced with a thin circumference for a less cluttered look.

  • Added a Staff Manager to allow re-ordering of staffs.

  • Added abbreviated staff name.

  • Added sort by length in score manager.

  • We now detect unexpected quits and give the user the option of attempting to reload the prior document.

Version 1.2.1(2)
(Build 24, svn 4570)
August 14, 2017

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where clefs were not being shown at the start of each system in page view.

  • Fixed an issue where handwriting in page view was not creating the correct pitches.

  • Fixed an issue where handwriting in page view was shifting all of the pitches for that measure.

Version 1.2
(Build 23, svn 4536)
August 7, 2017

Bugs Fixed

  • Deleting multiple measure stacks is more reliable and other general reliability improvements.

  • Fixed print out title centering.

  • Fixed the case when inserting a new note at the end of a measure when the previous last note had a clef change, new note was in wrong clef.

  • Numerous other bugs and improvements.

  • Fixed an issue where a bluetooth headphone did not work with the audio.

  • MusicJOT icon attachment during email export now correctly being assigned.

  • Green add new note rectangular selection bar now only appearing if a note can be added.

  • Numerous undo/redo bugs fixed.

  • Fixed an issue where the first note of a beam group could start a beam group even if it was on a weak beat.

  • Fixed an issue where a key cancellation plus a flatted key was not spacing the following notes properly causing overlapping elements.

  • Fixed an inconsistency where if multiSelectOnSameTypeOnly was ON marquee selection wasn’t excluding different score item types.

  • Sorting order in the Scores view is now maintained across subsequent calls.

Features Added

  • Two voices per staff.

  • New UI button controls for voices

Version 1.1.2
(Build 19, svn 4276)
April 21, 2017

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where notes that were dragged up or down producing more than 4 ledger lines couldn't be dragged back.

  • Fixed an issue where un-beamed notes with flags were not getting extra space to compensate for their flag.

  • Title is now white which is more readable.

  • Fixed issues where the tutorials window header and buttons were not being updated as appropriate.

  • Changed various default user preference metrics (advanced settings).

  • Fixed playback issue where sound was only coming from headphones but not speaker (v1.1.1).

  • Fixed various spacing issues.

  • Fixed spacing issues with mid-measure clefs.

  • Fixed an issue when editing a chord with handwriting that had accidentals was shifting accidentals to the wrong chordal notes when rendering.

  • Unified a number of UI colors and background fills.

  • Fixed playhead scrolling behavior in page view.

  • Fixed playback playhead position when zoomed in page view.

  • Improved handwriting performance with Apple Pencil®.

  • Fixed a number of situations where the app could crash.

  • Fixed an issue where user supplied document info was not updating immediately in page view after tapping ‘Apply.’

  • Fixed an issue where handwriting an accidental to a chordal note was not being rendered.

Features Added

  • Added “Subtitle” metadata to score information (now ‘Document info’).

  • Changed action menu heading from composer/opus to “Document Info…”

  • Now showing Adonit stylus status indicator when using the Adonit stylus.

  • Added color themes.

Version 1.1.1
(Build 18, svn 4188)
March 25, 2017

Bugs Fixed

  • Unmute All in the settings menu when in audio playback now is enabled/disabled when appropriate.

  • Improved proportional spacing and hooked into music spacing slider.

  • Fixed an issue where paste-merging rests was not checking for pre-existing rests in same slot. Also now not adding notes NOT inserted to selection (which caused phantom selections).

  • Fixed numerous issues with transposed instruments (staff).

  • Fixed unwanted measure width shifting when moving into and out of handwriting.

  • Handwriting recognition now properly positions clefs on staffs in page view.

  • Fixed an issue where handwriting wasn’t always recognizing key signature when drawing new notes.

  • Fixed an issue where time signatures might not be vertically aligned when a transposed instrument presented a different key signature than the other staffs.

  • Fixed unexpected behavior when handwriting non-treble clef on staffs in page view.

  • Fixed an issue where inserting a note from the palettes was not updating the display until tapping in the clear.

  • Fixed an issue where if there was only one measure stack, deleting the last measure from the action menu was crashing.

  • Fixed an issue where tapping in the clear with help balloons displayed was not removing help balloons.

  • Fixed an issue where the Report a Bug screenshot was resulting in partial or no image when score was scrolled.

Features Added

  • Made it easier to change instrument sounds from playback sidebar by a single tap on the instrument name instead of a long press.

  • Added user prefs in “Report a bug” email for improved diagnostics.

  • Added feature that chases last note in measure that matches inserted note and picks up its accidental.

  • Pitch and duration dragging is now active in non-handwriting mode in all cases except when dragging out slurs, ties, hairpins, etc.

  • Added a Fibonacci spacing algorithm that Improves music spacing.

  • Added Fibonacci spacing as a new preference in Advanced Settings: Music Spacing.

  • Added previous and next buttons to navigation button area as an alternative way to move measure-by-measure.

  • Report A Bug now offers a choice whether or not to include a screenshot.

  • Improved slur contours.

Version 1.1
(Build 17)
March 10, 2017

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where spacing didn't always update unless you deselected everything (tapping in the clear).

  • Fixed an issue where tapping and dragging a rest was not behaving the same as with notes.

  • Fixed an issue when both a note and tempo was selected, after double tapping to edit the tempo, a warning box appeared instead of just editing the tempo.

  • Fixed an issue when both a note and text was selected, after double tapping on text to edit, a new text was created instead.

  • Fixed an issue where handwritten expressions were immovable.

  • Fixed unexpected behavior when adding expressions to existing chords.

  • Really fixed the welcome screen animations on early iPad® models.

  • Fixed an issue where the note displayed in a tempo mark was not changing color when selected.

  • Fixed an issue where trying to copy was quitting the app.

  • Renamed “Settings” dropdown to “Actions.”

  • Changed duration dragging to only occur when in note mode so that note-to-note dragging of shapes is possible (esp. to allow ties on internal chordal notes).

  • Fixed an issue in “Report a bug…” that included the drop down menu in the attached screen image.

  • Fixed an issue where the Virtual Pointer was not selecting notes if the expression tool was selected.

  • Fixed an issue where changing Virtual Pointer modes was sometimes out of sync with its display.

Features Added

  • Printing scores.

  • Added email pdf to Sharing. Removed old jpg/png options. New pdf is properly formatted with score heading, staff names, composer and opus.

  • Added composer and opus to top of page view.

  • Can now drag directly from note head to note head for slurs, ties, etc. as well as from above/below the two involved notes when in palette mode.

  • Report a bug now automatically includes hardware information.

Version 1.0.3
(Build 15)
February 20, 2017

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where odd numerator meters of 5, 7 or 11 were not getting beamed.

  • Fixed an issue where trying to drag a tie or glissando between two notes was not working in non-handwriting.

  • Fixed unexpected behavior when handwriting expressions.

Features Added

  • You can now drag a bar line anywhere in the score to change the measure width, not just from the measure bar.

Version 1.0.2
(Build 14)
February 14, 2017

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where app was crashing during the Welcome screen animations.

  • Changed destination email in Report a bug...

  • Fixed unexpected behavior with deleting and undoing shapes (such as slurs).

  • Fixed unexpected behavior when deleting expressions.

  • Fixed unexpected behavior with handwriting in measures with dotted rhythms.

Features Added

  • Can now play from measure in playback by putting a measure number in the nav text box and tapping play.

Version 1.0.1
(Build 13)
February 1, 2017

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where a tuplet group that immediately preceded a grace note had the bracket include the grace note.

  • Much improved interval drag label both in positioning and look.

  • Fixed unexpected behavior when handwriting in a measure with a chord that spans a large interval.

  • Fixed an issue where new staffs added in the score manager for a new score were not setting appropriate default clef for that instrument.

  • Fixed unexpected behavior when handwriting a new note into an existing chord.

  • Fixed issue where rendered accidentals (including key signatures) was not always getting applied to handwriting notes.

Version 1.0
(Bbuild 12)
January 26, 2017